Libec TH - 650

TH-650HD به عنوان یکی از جانشینان این سری منتشر شده است که سالهاست به عنوان سه پایه مدل ورودی "TH-650DV" محبوب شده است! ! بهترین پایه در یک دوربین ویدئویی کوچک! مورد سه پایه، البته گنجانده شده است

Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650Libec TH - 650

Libec TH-650

Product description

TH-650HD released as a successor to the has been popular for many years as a tripod of entry model "TH-650DV"! ! Best tripod set on a small video camera! Tripod case, of course included. ◆ screw changes quick shoe from the TH-650DV may be mentioned that it is now possible slide in the range of 50mm before and after. So far of TH-650DV in the screw is not a sliding, if you put the camera on a tripod, retrieve the balance 

Technical Details

Maximum loading capacity: 3kg

Product Weight: 3.3kg 

Height: 70 ~ 150cm 

When folded length: 75cm
Paul diameter: 65mm

Tripod number of stages: a three-stage
Main materials: Aluminum
Counterbalance switching: Fixed
Torque switching: Fixed
Tilt angle: + 90 / -70 °
Usable temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
No LED lighting: level
Camera plate: large quick shoe
Plate in the slide width: 50mm
Camera mounting: / 1/4 "screws
Preliminary screw: None
Warranty: 12 months from the date of purchase
Country of origin: Taiwan

ویژگیهای سه پایه Libec TH-950

وزن : 7 lbs - 3.2 kg

ظرفبت حمل : 6.5 lbs - 3 kg

محدوده TILT / ANGLE : +90/-70 degrees

جنس سه پایه : آلومینیوم

بیشترین ارتفاع : N/A

کمترین ارتفاع : 69.9 cm


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